Printed Wire and Cable

printed wire and cable_ allcable-1

•Wire as small as o.100 inch overall diameter

•Wire as large as 1.00 in overall diameter

Printed Tubing

printed tubing_ allcable

Heat shrink tubing 3/64 inch to 2 inch

Striped Wire and Cable

striped wire and cable_ allcable

•PVC, Teflon, Nylon Irradiated Materials

•1,2 or 3 spiral stripes 30 AWG to 6 AWG

•1 longitudinal stripe of any size

Bundling and Respooling

bundling and respooling_allcable_ allcable

•Bundle nearly any combination of wire and cable with a maximum total bundle diameter of 1 3/4"

•Respool large and small reels of wire to a more workable size for your company

Cut and Strip Wire and Cable
Cut and Coil Wire and Cable

cut and strp wire and cable_cut and coil wire and cable_allcable

•Tinning available

Paralleled Wire and Cable

paralleled wire and cable_allcable

•Parallel and Phase tape to your specific requirements

Twisted Wire and Cable

twisted wire and cable_allcable

•Twisting 30 AWG to 10 AWG

•Up to 5 conductors depending on AWG

Dyed Wire and Cable

dyed wire and cable_allcable

•Dye single or multi-conductor cable to color specifications