Products for the OEM/Electronics Industries

If your company provides turn-key contract manufacturing services – allow Allcable to quote on the wire and cable products needed to support you through the product life cycles of initial design, prototype, full production, and delivery of complete assembly. 

Cut your shipping and inventory costs by partnering with Allcable, a stocking distributor.

Hook Up wire:

UL & CSA approved, MIL-SPEC, Bus wire, Cross-linked, Silicone rubber, Teflon- FEP, TFE, Tefzel, Kynar, Irradiated PVC, High Voltage, Test Lead, Switchboard/SIS, AWM, MTW, TEW, TFN, TFFN, THHN

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Electronic Cable:

Plenum, Non-Plenum, Computer/Data, Audio/Speaker, Home Entertainment, Broadcast/Video, Process Control, Flat Ribbon

Cable Management products:

Heat Shrink tubing, Non Shrinkable tubing, Expandable Sleeving, Zippertubing, Slit corrugated tubing, Spiral wrap, Solder Sleeves, Raceway, Flat Braid, Tubular Braid, Cable ties, Clamps: Plenum, Nylon and UV rated, Wire Markers, Tools, Test equipment, Industrial, RF, & Telcom Connectors


Plenum, Non-Plenum, Commercial/Broadcast, CATV, CCTV, MATV, Precision Audio/Video, High Frequency, Blue Hose, LMR

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Custom Services:

Wire-printing, Striping, Twisting, Dyeing, Cutting, Re-spooling, Cut & Strip, Custom marked tubing, Bundling

Portable Cord & Wiring Devices:

Bulk power cords, Entertainment/Stage lighting, Welding Cable, Power Supply Cords, Retractile/Coil Cords

Instrumentation/Control Cable:

Shielded, Non Shielded Multiple Pair/Triads, PLTC/Power Limited Tray Cable, 600V VNTC/Tray Cable, Thermocouple, Robotic, Sub Pump Cable

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Magnet Wire:

Single/Heavy build, Round, Square, Bondable, Litz

High Temperature Wire:

SF2, SRML, SRG, TGGT, TAGT, MG, Teflon, Silicone Rubber