Home Theater Line Card
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Allcable has all of the wiring and ‘behind-the-scenes’ necessities for home theater and home networking jobs, from the cable to network the entire house, to speaker wire, to power harnesses and data cables.


Integrated Systems Cable: Video Coax, RGB cables, Speaker Cables, Shielded Audio, Lighting Control Cables for Building Management, Stage & Theater Lighting, Data Cables, and Combinations of Audio, Video, Control, and Data Cables.

Speaker Wire: 2 conductor, 4 conductor, Commercial Grades, Heavy Duty and Professional Grades, Home Theater (In-Wall Rated)

Shielded Audio Cables: Foil-In Easy Strip Designs, Traditional Foil-Out Designs, PVC, PE, PP, FEP, Insulation Selection, Low Capacitance FOE Insulation,  Multiple Shielded Pairs, Non-Plenum and Plenum Ratings

Controls Cables: Shielded and Unshielded, Cabled or Paired, Plenum or Non-Plenum, Media Control Cables, Lighting Control Cables

Networking/LAN Data Cables: CAT3, CAT5E – 350 MHz, CAT6 – 550MHz 10 Gb/s, Plenum and Riser Ratings

Coaxial Cables: CATV – 75Ohm Distributed Video & Broadband, CCTV – 75 Ohm Closed Circuit/Surveillance Video, Wireless – 50 Ohm Coax, RBGHV Cables – Mini High Resolution Cable.

Wire Termination: Jacks (CAT5 & CAT6, various colors), Faceplates (Single gang 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 ports), Patch Panels (CAT5E & CAT6, 12, 24 & 48 ports), Equipment Racks, Wire Ties (Standard, low profile, high temperature and stainless steel, all sizes), Wire Termination Tools, Wire Nuts (All sizes and colors including OEM tan)